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The Updated COSO Report 2013

Patrizia Riva
Journal Of Modern Accounting And Auditing ISSN: 1548-6583 - 2015-10

This paper aims to investigate the issue relating to the internal control system of listed companies, according to the
publication of the new framework COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organization of Treadway Commission)
updated in 2013. Since December 15, 2014 came into force the new framework on the procedures to implement and
to make use of an efficient system of internal control for listed companies. With the introduction of the new
framework, the original framework of 1992 will be considered as the preceding version. The recent 2013 updated
framework is considered as an “evolution rather than a revolution”. This study will explore the latest changes
brought to the 1992 COSO framework and the opportunity arising with the transition to COSO 2013.