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Global Conference on Business and Finance

Honolulu, Hawaii
TITOLO RELAZIONE: The Assessing of Going Concern for the Italian Listed Companies: Relevances and Implications
Patrizia Riva
IBFR - 2014-01

The research has a dual purpose. The first is to investigate the going concern assumption for Italian listed companies by analyzing the contents of the audit reports issued by the independent auditors. We examined meeting the following criteria: a) all the companies listed on the Italian Stock Exchange; b) excluding foreign companies, c) and included an auditor report on the 2012 consolidated financial statements. The results show that 80% of Italian listed companies have no issues related to business continuity. The remaining 20% showed significant problems. The second purpose is to analyze the trend of the going concern assumption for Italian listed companies. We compare going concern figures between 2009 and 2012.